Getting to know Ketunranta

Surrounding area

A winding country road leads you to open lakeland scenery with several red buildings – each and every one of them at your disposal in the summertime. Have fun and play lawn games in the spacious, level yard. The nearby forests attract and encourage you to hike or to pick berries and wild mushrooms. There are two rowing boats at your disposal and a ramp for your own boat, too. There is also a marked boating route on Lake Lahnavesi.

The past of Ketunranta

Nestor Ukkonen bought Ketunranta at an auction in the early 1900’s. The farm lived off forestry, agriculture and fishing. The remains of an old tar pit can still be seen in the nearby forest. Until the 1960’s, cattle were still grazing in the fields and there were numerous farmyard outbuildings, many of which have been pulled down. Until 1991 the farmhouse was a permanent place of residence.

The present proprietors, Ari and Kirsi Ukkonen, have owned the farm since 1998. They started to renovate and restore some of the buildings and also to improve the environment. By 2006 Ketunranta was ready to welcome its first guests. The main house was built in the 1910’s. Dating back to the late 1800’s, the log cabin is the oldest remaining structure in the area. The courtyard cottage is a completely new construction built on the foundations of an old cowhouse. The lakeside sauna was built in 1956 and renovated in 2006. The BBQ-hut and the woodshed were both completed in 2008. The Ukkonens will keep on preserving, improving and developing the area in the future, too.



  • Mäntyharju centre 21 km
  • Railway station 21 km
  • Petrol station 8 km
  • Bus stop 8 km
  • ABC Service Station Store Kuortti 18 km
  • Airport 180 km
  • Health centre 21 km
  • Mikkeli Central Hospital 54 km
  • Downhill skiing centre 60 km

Services and events

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Just like Grandma’s house in the olden days!